Manage Hidden Files

System Requirements

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Operating System: Mac OS X Panther (10.3) or Above
Current Version: 1.0.1
Developed By: Christopher East MBCS
Application Released On: 14th March 2013
This Version Released On: 29th March 2013
Application Tested By: Christopher East MBCS
Christopher Hide
Declan Price
and Patricia N’jitock

The manage hidden files application allows you to show those files which are normally hidden by the system. It also will then re-hide those files when you open the application a second time.

The manage hidden files application, also restarts the Finder app, as soon as it has applied the new settings, which will either show or hide the “hidden” files.

You can download this app by Manage Hidden Files (1616 downloads) . The app is compressed within a ZIP archive, so that it is not automatically blocked by any anti-virus providers who scan on demand, and have a habit of blocking the direct download of Mac OS X applications.

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