Charity – Marvellous Trinkets

Hi everyone,


It has been a little while since I wrote an update for you and a few things have happened. Firstly, I have been working with a wheelchair specialist gym so that I am finally able to go back to the gym, something which has made several professionals very nervous, but they agreed nonetheless.

However, today is not about me. I wanted to write about something which some of you may know about already. In January, 2017, I started the formation of a charitable organisation to give out grants in the form of monetary payments and goods and services, of limited value to people with life altering conditions everywhere. Yesterday, the management committee held it’s first meeting, online, which will be published shortly on the website, and across all of the social media channels.

It raises money in three different ways. It sells items directly to the public, via an Etsy store (, receiving donations directly from individuals and organisations, both via our website and in person. And finally from people who hold fundraising initiatives of their own, from skydiving to selling things and donating the money from those sales directly to us on a regular or one-off basis.

So far we have raised a small amount, on our own, with a single donation. We have had our first grant application, and we have established the formal rules for those making applications. However, we, and more importantly,  I need your help. Some of you will know that I also run my own business, and am involved at the BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT on two committees! We are desperate for volunteers and people willing to help out with various different tasks, and will be putting a page up on our website over the next few days with more information.

I setup this charitable organisation to help people like me, but not in a position to help themselves. I have been very fortunate in life, and I am acutely aware of this. So in my opinion, the very least I can do, is attempt to help those who are not as fortunate to meet the costs which they would otherwise be unable to meet. These are things like car parking charges, prescription fees, or equipment required to enhance or allow the increase in the quality of the life of the person the grant is being applied for.

So, please, spread the word far and wide, let other people know what we are trying to achieve here. I implore you to do everything you can, to help and increase awareness not just of Marvellous Trinkets, but also for those people who spend their lives living with life-altering conditions everywhere. The links for the charitable organisation are below!