iPhone 7, Apple Watch, and all things Apple

As someone who uses Apple’s technology on a regular basis to make my life considerably easier, I was interested to see what the latest offerings have to entice long term users to update their various gadgets. 


Let’s start off by saying that it seems that the next two years are likely to feel a little weird if you follow the iPhone launches closely. We have all gotten used to the big overhauls every two years which introduce many innovative features to give most other phone manufacturers a run for their money. 

This year however, we got an incremental update. With it being the iPhone’s 10th anniversary next year, this is not overtly surprising. So I expect that next year we will see a massive update to the iPhone and the iPhone Plus, with the possibility of an iPhome Pro being something I would consider very likely. 

The iPhone released this year, on its own is a good handset, and if you are due to upgrade or find yourself in need of a new phone over the next 12 months, then I do not believe you will be disappointed. The same goes for the plus. I believe that waiting for the next update may be a better idea however. 

Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2

The sideshow at this years event was the announcement of not one, but two new watches from Apple. Series 1 is almost the same as the first model but with a better battery, and some other minor improvements, including a slightly improved processor. It has lowered the entry price by around £100 on some models, which will be welcomed. 

Series 2 is where the major improvements are. It now has its own GPS and is water proof for over 30 meters, something swimmers and anyone who uses their watches outside will definitely see a benefit from. At the top end there is also a new ceramic body, which is meant to be better in so many ways, but that is yet to be verified. 

Apple AirPods

Also announced during the event this year were the Apple AirPods, which will retail for £159 by the looks of it, something I found somewhat off putting given they are also being sold for $159 in the USA. They seem to be crammed with nice features, but for those of us who have already used the wireless headsets currently on the market, only time will tell if the switch is worth it. 

I can imagine easily losing these on my mobility scooter. Which is obviously a concern. Plus to use them, it appears the best connections will only happen with the latest iPhone models at present, with the AirPods falling back over to BlueTooth for all other devices. 

Also Announced…

Apple also introduced new headsets from Beats Audio and confirmation that the headphone jack is no more. 

I expect that next year the event will be bigger in terms of scale and announcements. If you enjoy watching these things, then next year the Apple event will be the place to be seen!

What do you think? Are these devices going to make your environments easier to manage or are they just another load of devices in the messy BYOD marketplace for organisations across the world?