Dating: Part three

So this will be the last part for now. 

Over the past week I have been approached by around 45 people who claim to be interested in a relationship but their attitude and responses seem to indicate that they are interested only in sex instead. 

Whilst that is okay for some people and I have indulged in that behaviour myself in the past, it is not something I feel terribly comfortable doing. 

That being said, one interesting thing does appear to have happened. I reinstalled several apps designed to facilitate dating and contact with the wider LGBT+ community. Three people whom I had lost contact with made contact again and all were very reasonable and not a single sexual advance by any of the three. 

It also appears someone who I pushed away as hard as I thought possible to ensure that would have to never be associated with me as my health deteriorated has decided to quietly look for me. I have sent them a message over email and via one of those applications I mentioned above. I hope that one day they will understand what I did and why I did this. 

Many people try to say that understand and still want to be with someone who is disabled, when in reality they are entirely unprepared to handle both the physical and mental challenges, whilst this person, above all else, I believe has the strength internally to cope with these challenges, he does not deserve to be put through those challenges. He has too much to offer the world than to have to stifle himself to have to engage with me or anyone else with a degenerative condition which effects all aspects of life. 

Some people may not understand this, but I truely believe it to be true. There are very few people who could convince me otherwise and whilst this person is one of them, I am hoping that they are already happily with someone else and making sure that they are unable to. For I would truly hate to stifle someone else for my own selfish reasons. No matter how deeply they are held.