Carrying on whilst chronically ill 

I hide it pretty well, despite the obvious signs like the wheelchair and the constant popping of tablets like candy, most people assume that other than being unable to walk I am absolutely fine. 

That is not the case. An article I read this morning on the huffington post this morning shows just how far many people with chronic illnesses actually go to. 

You can read the article online at:

It might even give you an insight into what I go through and the effort I make every day just to appear normal. 

It’s also worth noting, I am retiring as of the 17th October this year, and will only be concentrating on projects of a personal nature. I have struggled for the past three years to maintain everything I do, and it is very obvious I am unable to do that any longer. I wish I was able to, but it simply isn’t practical unless things significantly improve. 
I am lucky, I get amazing support from some of my friends, and those who’ve considered me important enough to push back even when I’ve tried to push them out to protect them. This has meant I have been able to come to this decision in a safe and supportive environment, something I doubt I would have been able to say as little as two years ago. So I am very lucky. Most people cannot be around someone who is disabled and does not make any effort to support someone who is disabled in their own lives. And I have two friends in my life who have pushed back at every step and tried to look after me when I’ve not wanted to look after myself. So B and Y, you know who you are, thank you for everything you’ve done. Without you, I would have given up a very long time ago.