Terrorist attacks across the world

Hi everyone,

So unless you have been entirely hidden away from the world, and more out of contact than the astronauts on the International Space Station (http://www.nasa.gov/iss) then you will know that there have been an increasing series of terrorist attacks over the past few weeks.

It seems that the mastermind behind the Paris and possibly some of the other attacks has now been killed by the French special forces service.

At this time, it seems rather obvious, but may need to be stated for the record, that the amount of terrorist attacks (caused by people claiming to be Islamist, Christian, and any other religion), has increased significantly since the start of 2015.

There has not been a period of 5 days where there has not been an attack of some description. ISIS or Daesh, are not the only people who are carrying out attacks in the world. Whilst they are the organisation who have attacked the western world with the largest attacks, they are not the ones who are attacking as frequently as some other organisations. In africa, Boko Haram is seen as the main terrorist organisation of the region. In the USA, more terrorist attacks are carried out by people who are not affiliated with any particular organisation, and most of these individuals happen to be white, male, and from middle-income backgrounds. Not the type of people who you would expect to become terrorists.

So far, over 100 people have left their native countries (or countries of residence) to go and fight WITH Daesh (ISIS), so not all of the Daesh fighters are from Islamic countries.


I implore you to take the following into account before you make any judgement on anyone you meet or encounter during the course of your day to day life who you suspect may be involved in some way with terrorism.

I know that with so many attacks taking place, in so many different locations, we can all get a little upset and worried about our own safety along with the safety of those we care about the most.

But as all of the performers in Paris are urging people to come out tonight (Friday, 20th November, 2015), and not be afraid, and try to have a good time, we must strive to show the terrorists, whether they are being called terrorists, disturbed individuals, mass shooters, or anything else, that life does go on, and that they will not make us live in fear or concern because of their actions.

I am a single white male, who also happens be gay. This means that I am frequently targeted by people who do not believe that you can be gay by birth, or that you cannot be religious and gay, or that you should just not be gay to begin with. The rest of the world could take a look at the way the LGBTQQIP2SAA community acts towards those who constantly say that those who identify within the LGBTQQIP2SAA communities should not be allowed many things, which vary from being able to vote, and being able to buy groceries or use toilets with other people, to at it’s most extreme, being allowed to live (as in a person who identifies as LGBTQQIP2SAA should be killed as soon as this fact comes to the attention of the authorities).