Working with CloudFlare

Recently, some people have been asking me about what concerns exist around CloudFlare. I should start by saying this;

This website uses a CloudFlare account to protect it from various threats and to save bandwidth now and long into the future. 

The CloudFlare platform offers both free and paid accounts. There are features which are only available in the paid accounts but most of the features which effect the day to day operations of any website are available in the free accounts. 

The DNS management and hosting is extremely well setup and very easy to configure. This means that changing DNS entries can take place in very short periods of time (As low as 2 minutes). When you add a domain name to the CloudFlare system for the first time, then it automatically attempts to scan and recreate your existing DNS records. 

One of the main reasons people look at CloudFlare is the offline protection and the caching which reduces the load on a website. It’s a very worthwhile thing to use in my opinion, and I feel personally that there a part of this system which is often overlooked. That is the threat mitigation system. It protects the website from a variety of attacks online including informing users about using out of date browsers, something that helps to improve the Internet for everyone. 

CloudFlare is fully PCI compliant, supporting encryption from the first communication with your website’s visitors, to the communications between CloudFlare and your website hosting environment. This means that if you take payments using your website, then you can be assured that CloudFlare will help you to keep your certification and not get in your way when it comes to those quarterly tests. 

For the increasing numbers of people who have started to look at migration to using IPv6, CloudFlare also supports acting as a translator between IPv4 and IPv6, meaning that CloudFlare ensures that you are immediately compatible with both types of  IP addresses available for use. 

There are a lot of features which I simply cannot list in this one blog entry. But CloudFlare is quickly becoming a must have in my opinion for websites with any commercial interest. CloudFlare provides a lot of features which helps your website stay up for longer and stay protected against more of the nasty things lurking out there on the Internet. All of which CloudFlare does for free or even if you opt for a paid account, the cost is very minimal and is reduced for more than one domain. 

Whilst I happily recommend CloudFlare for any website which is used for business purposes; I do not benefit from this personally. CloudFlare do not offer a referral program, so I do not benefit out of your signing up to CloudFlare as a result of this or any other article.