Well it’s nearly my birthday…

For those of you who know me, I am not normally the type of person to celebrate my birthday, Christmas, or any other type of celebration. However, this year seems to be a little different.

I seem to be genuinely happy with my spot in life. I have a loving partner, who is currently selflessly helping others in Sierra Leone. I am enjoying the time I am spending on my cross stitching, and as a result, I am creating some of the best work I have ever created.

All of this come at a time when my own housing situation is critical, and I am expecting to move within 2 months. Hopefully this will be the last move for several years, and I will be able to settle myself into the type of lifestyle which I have previously only been able to dream of. When I am required to move, it is highly likely that I shall find myself moved into somewhere local to where I am now, and with a little luck, somewhere better equipped to handle my physical needs.

There are of course some downsides, I am back in a wheelchair full time, and my pain levels are somewhat higher than ever before, but having said this, I find I can accept it with less hostility and more humility than I have ever been able to before.

Possibly, this is because the situation I find myself is one, which whilst increasingly stressful, it has a definite twinge of being resolved into a situation where I am able to concentrate on doing things which ensure that I am able to decrease my stress levels, live my life in a way which allows me to continue to concentrate on my health, whilst gaining the support and guidance I will no doubt need in order to manage and maintain my current physical and mental health.

This may all seem rather negative, however, I am by far in the best place I have been in around 7 years, as I have relative stability, support and guidance on all of the levels which it is needed, and financially I am in a better position than I have been at any point over the past 7 years. Whilst I do not have the savings which I had managed to accrue whilst in my previous relationship, which ended around 18 months ago, I have entered into a new relationship on a much more equal footing. This is something that simply has not been possible previously, but being on an emotional, physiological, and intellectual par with my partner is something I had not experienced in my previous relationship.

Anyway, so my birthday is on the 25th of this month. I am planning to have a small get together, and if you are invited, then you will receive an email by the end of today. I am hoping that by doing so I’ll be able to have a nice birthday, something which I’ve never really been on a par with celebrating.

Anyway, that’s all for now.