Natwest old under 18 accounts

Natwest Under-18 Account Incorrectly Setup? Refunds are being processed now!

Did you have a Natwest account when you were under 18? Did you get charged for a returned direct debit or unauthorised overdraft charges? Well according to the conversation I have just had with Natwest, they should never have charged you for any of it.

If you keep your credit record updated with your current address, then it looks like they have been slowly writing to those of you who are owed money. You’ll need to supply the address the account was registered to when the account was closed, or an address at any point the account was opened, including all of the details, like postcode, and your date of birth.

After doing so, they will very quickly confirm that you are in fact due some money, and how much, including a quite astonishing amount of interest. (Mine was around £60) However you will need to have the letter you received from Natwest to hand as there is a reference number above your name and address which you will need to provide so that your account can be traced.

I am not entirely sure how widespread the refunds are, but I am guessing that if you ever did anything silly whilst you were under 18 with overdrafts and direct debits, then they may well get in touch over the next couple of months.

One thing it is always sensible to do, is to double check the telephone number on the letter from Natwest. If in doubt, ring the telephone number displayed on the main Natwest UK website. (

In my case, the refund wasn’t a life changing amount, but at the moment (A little over £150.00), every penny counts, and takes a little bit of pressure off from having to earn some extra income for a particular month.