Getting used to the heat? Well don’t get too comfortable!

Sorry to spoil the mini heat boost we’ve had this week, but apparently it will all come to an end on Friday afternoon according to the Met Office/BBC Weather.

For people like me, who are very anti-heat of any kind, then this news can be very welcome. I personally am very much looking forward to the heat cooling down somewhat, and as a result, a returning to sleeping all night through, something which any rise in temperature causes me to struggle with.

Anyway, onto the news from the rest of my world. I have been filling in a particularly long form for my local social services department, which at the moment is 4 pages long, and I am expecting to triple in size by the time I’ve finished it. The document is all to do with where I am now, and what I want to change and do in the future.

Other than this, I am working on a web app which I am building for my own use. It should help me manage the various carers, other people, and objects which are provided by either occupational therapy, social services, and any other departments or organisations who loan or give me equipment which helps me to manage my own equipment, equipment which is on loan, and time-limited loaned equipment (i.e. equipment which needs to be returned after a specific amount of time.)

The application will allow me to manage carer time-sheets, work out the wages due, and tax owed, alongside any other payments which need to be made. I am not planning for this app to run and manage my daily budgeting, I will build a separate app for that and then link them somehow at a later date. However, I do want to make the app handle all of the incoming money, grants, etc.. which are received by Social Services, the department of work and pensions, and any other charitable organisations or companies.

I may also launch this as a Mac OS X app eventually, alongside a Windows .NET and linux based app to make sure that all of the desktop environments are covered as far as is possible.

The app will run by connecting to a MySQL database, and storing all of the information into the database, and retrieving the information as required from the database.

Other than the web app, I am spending my time trying to sort out a mistake made by a hospital, who apparently added some 10 years to my age, and assumed I was someone who was quadriplegic instead of spastic paraplegia, which are two very very different conditions, although it is a condition I feel I am coping with rather well, that view is not shared by everyone around me. We shall see over the next few weeks and months if that is actually true, as I start to undergo a very stressful period of change in my life.


I am of course, looking to go back to work. If you are looking for someone who has an extensive amount of experience with computers, running both Windows and Mac, networking, hardware, and software, app development on LAMP platforms, desktop platforms, and iOS platforms, or someone who can design and build websites, then please get in touch. 

I can only work from home, but I am a hard working individual who is willing to go the extra mile to get things done. I have a lot of experience I can bring to any team, and have worked at every level within an organisation, from a junior web developer or level 1 desktop support engineer, to chief technical officer, and senior support engineer. 

If you are interested, then please get in touch. I can be reached in the UK on 020 3287 4003 or 07507 016666. If you are the USA and are interested, then please contact me on (406) 532-5558. Alternatively of course, you can email me or use the contact form on my contact page. I am currently based in the London Borough of Sutton, so any meetings where you would like to visit me can be done easily from the middle of London in just under 50 minutes.