Manage Hidden Files: Now available on the HackStore!

Now, normally I’m not an advocate of non-standard platforms or systems, however being someone at the moment who cannot afford to buy a subscription to the Apple iOS and OS X developers program, I looked for another way to get an app which I produced recently published out to the wider world.

I came across HackStore ( who is run by a team of people, based on a WordPress website with a downloadable shell over it to look like the Apple App Store.

They claim not to be involved in piracy, and have a very reassuring claim on the store’s home page which reads “No piracy apps here, forever and ever”. Having looked at the store and downloaded a few useful apps onto my MacBook Pro, I realised that there was a relatively simple method for uploading an app of your own.

For those of you who know me, and follow my blog regularly, you’ll have seen that I built a small app which shows or hides the system hidden files, based on the currently set system. So I submitted it.

I must say, that I was very impressed, I received a response within 12 hours, and was delighted to hear that my app had been published. I took a look, and the editorial team at the HackStore had published my little “Manage Hidden Files” app under utilities. It also is currently appearing under new and noteworthy about three quarters of the way down the page.

Being version 1.0.1 of the app, I was extremely impressed that a small time author like myself, with no spare money, can build a relatively simple app, and have it published. It’s also worth noting that I am entirely bed-bound at the moment, having not been out of bed in a week, due to the sheer amount of pain I am in. However building, and subsequently publishing this small app, has given me a small amount of relief from the pain and dismal existence I am living at the moment.

My hat goes off to the team at the HackStore, and all of the team working with them to produce an App Store alternative, which seems to be growing quickly and using a very simple concept, yet one which is clearly proving to be very effective.