My first update of 2013

So, it has been pointed out to me that I have yet to post an update in 2013.

Well, if I’m honesg, there hasn’t been that much happening. I now have my third wheelchair in 9 months, again, this one is red. The old one fell out of the car, and one of the supporting beams broke. Fortunately I was at home at the time. As a result, my carer went straight back into the house to pick up my old chair. Obviously this old chsir was not as good as the new one, but unfortately I wasn’t left with much choice.
The new chair is a brighter red than the old one, much more so than the old one. It’s made by the same company as the old one. Because of the problem with the chair falling out of the back of a stationary car, they gave my carer and I a discount when buying the new chair. It did of course wipe out my DLA for another month, but that is what it’s for though, right?

It came with 6 months insurance as a part of the package, and I will no doubt continue to use my existing gloves, although they will need replacing within a few weeks aswell. Leather is not as strong as it is made out in the media. Unfortunately the 3 months remaining insurance on the old (now broken) chair couldn’t be transferred over to the new chair. One of the downsides of using a specialist insurer, I suppose.

In other news, I have finally transferred doctors to one which is a little closer to home, and of course it now falls within the right medical authority for where I am living. I have also finally managed to get my carer to register with the doctor, as she is more stubbon than I am, which I honestly thought was impossible.

Other than that, I am currently interested in anyone who would be interested in having a discussion about my next job role. Having just finished with a role which allowed me to grow significently, I am quite interested in the next Technical Project Manager type role, which is similar to what I have been doing most recently. If you’d be interested in having a conversation about the skills and experience which I have to offer.

Other than this, I hope that everyone has had a good new year, and are making the most of the opportunities which 2013 has to offer so far. I certainly have been trying to make the most of everything that 2013 has to offer.