Encoding Data into DNA

Published on Tuesday 27th March, 2018 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

4 times as efficient at worst, with the potential for much more!
After watching an item on the BBC news channel here in the UK, where the topic of discussion was around how technology is now allowing us to encode data into pieces of DNA, I thought I would post this small explainer so it would be more easily understandable. 

Charity – Marvellous Trinkets

Published on Thursday 6th April, 2017 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

Hi everyone,   It has been a little while since I wrote an update for you and a few things have happened. Firstly, I have been working with a wheelchair specialist gym so that I am finally able to go back to the gym, something which has made several professionals very nervous, but they agreed Continue reading…

Hacking, hacking, hacking!

Published on Thursday 8th December, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

It seems that everyone and their brother is being hacked at the moment. Over the past 3 months there have been over 150 companies across the USA and EU which have admitted to being hacked. So what can you do to protect yourself?

So it’s winter….what does that mean for my tech?

Published on Tuesday 6th December, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

During the winter months, we start to use some of our technology considerably more as the long summer days, give way to long winter nights, where we are stuck inside and going out considerably less.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch, and all things Apple

Published on Sunday 25th September, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

As someone who uses Apple’s technology on a regular basis to make my life considerably easier, I was interested to see what the latest offerings have to entice long term users to update their various gadgets.  iPhone Let’s start off by saying that it seems that the next two years are likely to feel a Continue reading…