My Work

Work is an important part of my life. I have worked in a variety of positions, from backend website developer, to technical director for large companies preparing for their IPO or a major round of investment.

Over the past 3 or so years, I have concentrated on high level technical management roles, including running technical operations across companies of all sizes, whilst still ensuring that I keep my technical knowledge and skills as up to date as is possible.

I am now looking for my next adventure! Whether that is as a department manager for a technically focussed company based in London and the South-East, or as the CTO for a company undergoing a period of change whilst they move from being a small (10-30 personnel) firm to a medium to large sized firm (100+ personnel) following an injection of capital, either via a round of strategic investment from firms which specialise in high growth organisations, or following a buy out by a larger firm.

If this sounds like the sort of organisation you run, and are looking for someone who is self-assured, capable of running departments from 5 to 500 personnel in size, and has a unique aspect on how to approach the technical solutions available to solve business goals across your entire organisation, then lets have a coffee and discuss how you’d like to proceed.

And for fun!

In addition to my senior management exploits, I am also involved at a grass roots level of website, and desktop application development, as well as television and video broadcasting. I have a significant amount of experience working on, managing and runnning teams of TriCaster operators, either as a senior operator, whilst sitting with in front of a TriCaster console myself, or heading up the production team for your next event, broadcast.

I am also heavily involved within the Chartered Institute of IT, where I sit as the honorary secretary of the Internet Specialist Group, as well as being involved in both the Recording and Broadcasting, and Internet of Things working groups, giving me a unique insight and ability to help with the various publicly owned technical bodies across the UK, like nominet, and others.

If you are interested in talking to me about how I can benefit your organisation, utilising my technical management, grass roots development and broadcast management and production, or my unmatched change management skill-set, send me a message using the contact page on my website.

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