So it’s winter….what does that mean for my tech?

Published on Tuesday 6th December, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

During the winter months, we start to use some of our technology considerably more as the long summer days, give way to long winter nights, where we are stuck inside and going out considerably less.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch, and all things Apple

Published on Sunday 25th September, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

As someone who uses Apple’s technology on a regular basis to make my life considerably easier, I was interested to see what the latest offerings have to entice long term users to update their various gadgets.  iPhone Let’s start off by saying that it seems that the next two years are likely to feel a Continue reading…

Carrying on whilst chronically ill 

Published on Tuesday 30th August, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

I hide it pretty well, despite the obvious signs like the wheelchair and the constant popping of tablets like candy, most people assume that other than being unable to walk I am absolutely fine.  That is not the case. An article I read this morning on the huffington post this morning shows just how far Continue reading…

Dating: Part three

Published on Monday 29th August, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

So this will be the last part for now.  Over the past week I have been approached by around 45 people who claim to be interested in a relationship but their attitude and responses seem to indicate that they are interested only in sex instead.  Whilst that is okay for some people and I have Continue reading…

Dating: Part Two

Published on Monday 22nd August, 2016 by Mr. Christopher S.N.A.D. East, MBCS

So M and I had a conversation yesterday where he explained the issue I posted about yesterday here.  It looks like he explained it all wrong to me and I misunderstood this as confusion or a lie, which as it turned out to be confusion then I am relatively satisfied that things are resolved. It’s Continue reading…